Coffee Shoppe

Vibrant. Smooth. Ah, coffee! We are coffee lovers who care about your coffee experience. We get our beans from a local roaster. This business focuses on coffee that is grown for quality. The coffee is grown on small farms around the world. It is handpicked, shelled, sun dried on patios, hulled and then carefully transported to Los Dos Cristianos. Here, each coffee is roasted to expose it’s unique characteristics. Some are best at a delicate light roast while others are incredible at a dark roast.


  • Ethiopian/Columbian

– drip coffee and cold brew

  • Brazilian

– espresso

What goes best with a cup of coffee?

Another cup.

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Coffee. Friends. Conversation.

Connect with your family and friends over your favorite coffee drink. Caramel macchiatos, white chocolate raspberry lattes, cappuccinos, cubanos… Are you feeling adventurous? Try our coffeemonade or midnight brew. We offer a variety of flavors in either hot or iced drinks.